It’s the meat that matters.

So, what’s the secret of the Beaver Burger? Mark Pastore is the president of multi award-winning Pat LaFreida Meats. “My cousin, Pat LaFreida is very creative and he works with things.” The New York Times calls him the “Magician of Meat”. “It’s the recipe he creates and the technique. We start with 100% Black Angus Choice, Upper Choice and Prime cuts, the highest quality from first to last ingredient. Then, we don’t grind we chop, The amount of times the beef is chopped, the temperature of the beef, the fat to meat ratio and the fact that we use whole muscle, no scrap, which all.

All of our Pat Lafrieda steaks are Prime Beef.

You're not just getting Prime Beef, you're getting the best meat in the country. As the largest supplier of Prime Beef in the largest Prime Beef market, we are given priority over all others. Farms hand select the best beef available for our customers. Our product is sourced from small farms across the country. We ensure that all animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or growth promoting drugs. Animals are treated humanely, fed a diet of grass and hay for most of their lives and finished on corn.

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